Dan Meyers
General Manager
Known to his team as a Renaissance man, Dan Meyers is not only the general manager, he’s a trained actor who uses his love of surrounding himself with people to produce and direct the perfect experience for guests at The Happ Inn. Dan grew up in Highland Park and graduated from Indiana University in 2004, and after years of experience in the restaurant industry, he joined The Happ Inn team because he believes it’s where the North Shore comes together. When asked what he does to guide this vision, Dan says, “We work hard to source the finest ingredients, great wine and spirits, all while cultivating a well-trained staff who understand the purpose and passion of The Happ Inn atmosphere. When people are laughing and enjoying a wonderful meal, I know we’ve done a good job.”
Chef Hugo Rubio
Executive Chef
More than a decade ago, Chef Hugo Rubio began his career with Lettuce Entertain You by working at Shaw's. There, Hugo's passion for learning the ins and out of the kitchen didn't go unnoticed, and he quickly progressed through the ranks to line cook. After fourteen years with Shaw’s, he expanded his already extensive culinary knowledge with positions at Macaroni Grill, Grille on Laurel, Ed Debevic's, and Saranello's. He joined The Happ Inn family in 2009. Since the opening, he’s brought his extensive expertise to the position of sous-chef where he executes menu items to the highest food standards.
Carlos Nieto
Managing Partner
Carlos Nieto has been with The Happ Inn since the very first day. Since then, he’s been instrumental in broadening the customer base with his unique attention to detail while tending to the guests’ experience. If you’ve been to The Happ Inn, Carlos has probably stopped to say hello and chat, but did you know he started out as a silversmith and goldsmith in Mexico? Back then, he developed a love of art as it relates to food in jewelry and began catering upscale events in Mexico City. It was from that point he knew he wanted to redirect his career into owning his own restaurants. Carlos’s resume is broad and it’s with those skills, along with his warm demeanor, that keeps guests returning to The Happ Inn.
Veronica Ortiz
Floor Manager
Veronica’s lengthy experience in the restaurant industry led her on a journey from her home in Acapulco, Mexico, to Orlando, Florida, before eventually settling in Chicago. After a long stint with Planet Hollywood and Landry’s Inc., she joined the Happ team in 2011. Her exceptional mastery of previous positions as a server, lead trainer, bartender, supervisor, and party coordinator prepared her for her role as The Happ Inn’s floor manager. From her very first day, Veronica was impressed with the upbeat vibe and has been excited to greet new and returning guests over her tenure. Veronica has a degree in communication and public relations from Sonoma State University, and on the weekends, you’ll find her exploring small towns in the Midwest with her husband and two daughters.
Juan Luis Lopez
With a resume seventeen years long, Juan Luis has been working in the restaurant industry for more than half his life. From age sixteen, Chef Freddy has mentored Juan Luis as he has worked in such restaurants as Vinci, Adobo Grill, and Pikk’s Tavern. During this time, Juan Luis developed a love of cooking with proteins, especially with fresh seafood and meats he can braise. Over his tenure, he’s become an expert saucier, cooking such Happ Inn dishes as paella and pulled pork. Juan Luis admits he only cooks for his family on special occasions, such as birthdays and holidays, but The Happ Inn is thrilled to have him on their team every other day.
Judy Lupfer
Office Manager
Judy Lupfer grew up in Chicago and earned a degree in education, but the allure and excitement of meeting new people called to her and she found her true passion in the restaurant industry. She started at Lettuce Entertain You at the age of seventeen and worked her way up to office manager, and in 2009, she joined The Happ Inn family. With her sweeping knowledge and experience, she helps lead The Happ Inn to success every day. In her spare time, Judy loves to scrapbook. Additionally, she’s a devoted mom who loves spending time with her kids.
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